• Alpine-Dragon-Queen

    This is an RP that takes place in generation 1 of the Council of the Twin Lights universe. So that means no kids.

    This RP will focus on the Council meeting LoS Spyro and Sparx and Cynder.


    1. No controlling other people's characters

    2. Little to no swearing, please.

    3. Be nice, no flaming other people or their spelling or posts. We're all friends here.

    4. Try to stay on topic. if you must speak out of character mark it OOC.

    5. Keep it pg-13 or below, please.

    6. You can play up to 3 characters as long as you can keep up with them.

    Characters, I will list them below as more are added:

    Profile, please use this profile on your first post so we'll know which characters you're using:



    Canon or Original:

    Series they're from:

    Bio: (only needed fo…

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