Note: This is a 2nd gen fancharacter. Set in the Council of the Twin Lights-verse.

Trish is the eldest child and only daughter of Spyro the Dragon and Elora the Faun. A great hero in the 2nd Gen and a leader under Crash Jr.. She is the wife of Crash Jr. and mother of Spyro Itchigoya in the 3rd Gen.



Marred Songs Verse

Teen Years

Adult Years



Loyal and kind. Trish is stronge willed and sort of a tomboy. She is also extremely hotheaded.


Powers and Abilities

She got her Electricity breath powers from her father but she can also use her hands to summon and command the element too.

She also has command of earth magic she learned from her mother.



Spyro (father)

Elora (mother)

Nestor (Adopted Grandfather)

Vapor (Dragonfly companion)

Crash Jr. (Husband)

Jessica (Sister-in-Law)

Serrafe (Best friend)

Rav (Leadership partner)

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