Spyro and spyro and spyro by wolffrompoland-d3ll0ta

Classic Spyro, Legend Spyro, and SyulandersSpyro

The game starts Classic Spyro stopping Ripto once again 7 days after Shadow Legacy. Spyro then finds that he stole a Big Gem and Spyro shatters it right when he takes it and Ripto with the last piece takes off to an unknown location. The Professor tells Spyro that the Gem was a piece of great pwoer that allows the user to travel anywhere in the multiverse and the gems luckily went to the his universe and 2 others: Legend and Skylander 3 in each in the 3 universes so the Professor assigns the Spyros to collect the gems. Classic Spyro defeats Crush when getting the gem, Legend Spyro defeats an Ape to get the gem, Skylanders Spyro defeats Toasty to get the gem. Classic Spyro defeats Gulp to get the gem, Legend Spyro defeats a Grublin to get the gemand Skylanders Spyro defeats Dr. Shemp to get the gem. Classic Spyro defeats a mind controlled Cynder to get the gem, Legend Spyro gerts the gem by defeating the Assasin ( who revied by Malefor ) and Skylanders Spyro defeats Blowhard to get the gem then they use the gems to get to Ripto's new universe created by using the last gem. After traveling the bizarre universe the Spyros defeat Ripto and got the Gems fused right back together again to be the Big Gem once again. In the end they returned to their homes saying they'll see eachother again and still thinking their the greatest Spyro.

Main Characters:

Classic Spyro

Legend Spyro

Skylanders Spyro

Classic Ripto


Classic Crush

Legend Ape

Skylanders Toasty

Classic Gulp

Legend Grublin

Skylanders Dr. Shemp

Classic Mind Controlled Cynder

legend Assasin

Skylanders Blowhard

Classic Ripto ( for all 3 Spyros )