Samsh Bandicoot is the son of Crash Itchigoya and Jane Bandicoot .


Early Life

Smash was born because of Lord Cortex's planning of having a super spesimen by the chosen savior and a certain bandicoot. He was born when Crash was 25 years old during the Gasmoxian Invasion and later after that Jane died because of Lord Cortex and he was put in an orpanage until Lord Cortex took him. Crash soon rescued him and won custony of him thanks to Cortex. When Smash was 7 years old his two half brothers Crash Jr. and Seth were born. Smash was jealous of them at first, but then grew to love as seen when when Jr. and Seth were about to be hit by a car Smash pushes them aside saving them and he ws their protector ever since. When he was 8 he was kiddnaped by Shadow an organization bent on world domination and a worshipers of Shadow the god of destruction ( alien of planet Shadok ). He soon escaped but still followed Shadow's ways and stopped at 10. But he came back at 14.


When his parents found what he was doing, Crash told him that Shadow is bad and stuff. But Smash didn't listen and became a villain and Crash had to fight him in order to have his see the light like he did with his dad Neo Cortex. Smash discovered he had the power to turn into a demon so he fought Crash and defeated him. But Crash quickly defeated him later and Smash turned good briefly. When he was 15 he soon discovered that Shadow was indeed a bad team so he quit and was hunted down by them for they know hes a perfect fighter. Smash soon learn that they were going back in time to kill Crash and take baby Smash to Lord Cortex to be raised. But together with his father of the past he defeated Shadow and had Crash take custony of his past self. Then he went back to the future where he fell and soon married at 20 with Rachel.


Smash is now a daredevil, racer of any kind of veicle and a biker. He helps his dad and Jr. and Jessica ( his half sister ) with their heroic careers and Smash soon became an officer and bodyguard to the Future Foundation team and Neo Cortex his grandfather. Samash now knows he makes his destiny and two are to help people and take down Shadow.