Nina as a teen.

Nina Adult

Nina as a adult.

Nina Cortex was one of Crash's foes and shes his cousin.


Nina was conceived by Yin and Nate Jr ( Cortex's siblings ) and when she was 5 he left them. When she was 8 she went to the Adcamy of Evil and obtained her bionic hands by Cortex. But with a few modifcations she regained her touch and can control her strength levels. When she was 15 she fought the Evil Twins with Crash and Cortex. Since then she became evil and was reuited with Tropy ( Nate Jr ) and Lord Cortex her grandfather. She fought Crash and Cortex at her base but lost but she continued fighting them. The she married Jack Slicer and had a daughter Nia, but after that she had a secret afair with Uka Uka and had gave birth to Uka Cortex ( One of the most powerful being of this universe ) and Uka Cortex has the same powers as Akio Cortex has.


She has high level inteligence just like her uncle and she has bionic hands.

High Inteligence

Super Strength ( From Hands )

Claws ( From Hands )

Energy Projection ( From Hands )

Enhanced Agility and Reflexs

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