Akio Cortex ( UEB )Crash & CrunchCrash Bandicoot: The Movie
Crash Bandicoot: Uka Uka ResurrctionCrash Bandicoot ( UEB )Crash Bandicoot Evolution
Crash Bandicoot FlashCrash Bandicoot Legacy ( HD )Crash Bandicoot Returns
Crash Bandicoot SeriesCrash Bandicoot UnlimitedCrash Jr. ( UEB )
CrashixCrunch Bandicoot ( UEB )Cynder ( A New Generation )
Ignitous ( LOS ) Spyro's sonLegend Of Ignitus 2Legend of Cynder 2: The Journey
Legend of IgnitusLegend of Ignitus 3Neo Cortex ( UEB )
Nina CortexOne of my stories from All Battle Stars Royale
Site for first part of ( UEB ) Ultimate Experiment BandicootSkylanders: GiantsSmash Bandicoot
Spyro (A new GenerationSpyro ( Legend of Spyro )Spyro Itchigoya ( UEB )
Spyro The Dragon: Universal CrysisSpyro a new generationThe Council of the Twin Lights
The Legend of Cynder: Dark PastThe Legend of Malefor: Rise of the Dark MasterTyltrai "Trish" Dragon
Wild Bandicoot SeriesWild bandicoot Wiki
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