Spyro the dragon by DoruDragon-2-

Ignitus and Sparx


This game is the sequel to the Legend of Ignitus series and its the second in the Triliogy.


2 years after Ignitus saved the Dragon Realms from the wrath of Gnasty Gnorc II Ignitus and his uncle Sparx were relaxing on the Dragon Shores II and Ignitus hoped that there would be a wrestling match there on Dragon Shores, but Sparx says he doubts it. Then Ignitus goes to the Artisan World to see his father Spyro help the planet of its need of energy usage in order to protect themselves against Gnasty Gnorc and his army. Then suddenly a dark figure that looked like Ignitus stole the device and attck the police and ran off. The dragons who saw this think that Ignitus the one responible so they go after him and Sparx then Ignitus swears that he'll clear his name and destroy the guy who framed him. While avoiding the police, Ignitus and Sparx go to a bar where a dragon named Gibbean tells Ignitus that there was a guy who like Ignitus with the stoln device going to Sunny Flight, so the duo go to Sunny Flight where they find that it is taken over by rhynocs. After Ignitus and Sparx saved Sunny Flight, they learned that the crimnal is at Peace Keepers World. When they were about to go there, the police came and tried to arrest him, after Ignitus and Sparx got through safefly they went to Peace Keepers. When they got there they see that the homeworld is invaded by the Army Gnorcs and they took over Dry Canyon, Wild Flight and Dr. Shemp. After the duo saved Peace keepers, they learned that the imposter has kiddnapped Yin ( his friend ) he descied to rescue her. But the police came and tried to chase and battle him, but Ignitus and Sparx defeated them and Cynder ( Ignitus' mother ) tells the duo that Yin is at Gnasty's World, so they got to Gnasty's World. They go through Gnasty's Factory and they finally rescued Yin by defeating Gnasty Gnorc II and Yin tells that the imposter was none other then Zobek (Ignitus' brother) who was tring to win the glory of being a great dragon and tring to destroy Ignitus. He tried to destroy him by using the police to kill Ignitus by framing him of stealing the energy weapon and planned to get ignitus captured and make Zobek a hero. Ignitus then got Zobek back home where hes grounded for a month and Ignitus' name is cleared.


Artisans World


San Square ( city on island )

Sunny Flight

Peace keepers


Dry Canyon

Wild Flight

Dr. Shemp

Gnasty's World

Gnasty Gnorc II's Factory ( 3 Levels )

Gnasty Gnorc II ( Boss )